June 18th, 2016

02:37 pm - FRIENDS ONLY - Comment to be added

I've been getting a lot of reader requests lately and as I'm too lazy to unlock every fic by hand, I'm opening friending to relatively sane folks with regularly used journals. Comment to be added.

This is something I've planned to do for a while, but was lazy. Thanks to hidejournal for making it reality.




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February 4th, 2014

09:20 am - FIC: Promise Made - Twin Peaks, Cooper/Audrey, for the Porn Battle XV
Porn Battle time is on!

Promise Made (662 words) by ingridmatthews
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Twin Peaks
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Dale Cooper/Audrey Horne
Characters: Dale Cooper, Audrey Horne
Additional Tags: Sex, Porn Battle, Kissing, Angst, PWP

Dale/Audrey for Porn Battle XV

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January 25th, 2014

My friend and co-writer in Sherlock Holmes fanfic (enkiduts is in dire need and is losing their home. Please consider giving *anything* you can or sharing if you can't.

GO FUND ME: Help Me Save My Home-Urgent!

I am disabled, applying for Social Security disability, but have been denied twice. Am now facing an adjudication in April, but have no guarantees I will prevail. I receive food stamps and $197 a month on my state's Aged, Blind and Disabled assistance program. To continue receiving both I am not allowed to work, even if I could, which I am truly not physically able. Its a classic Catch-22 situation

I own my own home, but am unable to tap into any equity due to my bad credit rating. I have been disabled for over two years and wrestling with SSI and SSDI for all of that time. My condo association has hit me with a special assessment which they want paid in full within 10 days or they will shut my water off; then begin forclosure proceedings.

I also have a creditor suing me over a $1400 debt which could create another foreclosure apparently.

I've worked hard all my life, and would still be doing so if I could, if I lose my home I will be homeless because there is no low cost housing available for someone like me and rents are over 1000 dollars a month where I live. If I could get past this financial hurdle I could begin to rebuild my life, irregardless of the outcome of my SSDI hearing in April.

I've thrown myself on the mercy of the condo association asking for more time to meet the obligation, I don't have an answer from them yet about that. If I could raise this amount by Feb 2, 2014 I can keep the wolf away from my door a bit longer.

Thank you for any help you can give, Lisa

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December 6th, 2013

02:50 pm

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January 6th, 2013

01:42 pm - SH Rec
Cameo (8323 words) by what_alchemy
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms, Sherlock Holmes - Arthur Conan Doyle
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Summary: Holmes and Watson become embroiled in a case Scotland Yard refuses to acknowledge. A soulmate AU.</p>

Me: I'm not usually a big fan of soulbond fics, but the writing here is lovely and the world-building is quite nifty. I definitely enjoyed this one.
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January 3rd, 2013

12:02 pm - Today's Findings Are ...
best kitchen measurement chart everCollapse )


In the OMG News of the day, David Lynch might have met with NBC regarding a Twin Peaks revival.

But Frank Silva is dead! And Jack Nance! And so many others! That's not to say I wouldn't watch the hell out of that because I totally would. Damn.


pin and tumbler (714 words) by gdgdbaby
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Elementary (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/Joan Watson
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, Joan Watson (Elementary)

She still has surgeon's hands, cool and steady. It couldn't hurt to try.

Sweet little fic about some lockpicking lessons. Can easily be read as friendship.

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January 2nd, 2013

05:36 pm - Yuletide Delishyness
Twin Peaks Recs! Mmmm.

Putting Out Fire (With Gasoline) (9128 words) by Amatara
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Twin Peaks
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Dale Cooper, Harry Truman, Audrey Horne, Albert Rosenfield, Annie Blackburn, Lucy Moran, Dennis "Denise" Bryson
Summary: When you've pulled someone back from the brink, how do you put them back together again? A series of recordings and interviews, made at the Spokane Valley Hospital, where Dale Cooper was taken after being freed from BOB's control.</p>

Semi-epistolary, amazing voices and the Twin Peaks ladies being HEROIC. Even Lucy!!!! (And Annie!)

The Tender Boughs of Innocence (4398 words) by Amatara
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Twin Peaks
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Albert Rosenfield, Gordon Cole, Chet Desmond, Dennis "Denise" Bryson, Dale Cooper
Summary: Albert didn't reckon himself a coward, a crybaby or a cream puff. What he was was a tender twenty-nine, which at the Bureau still counted as green behind the ears, but he had skill and wit and a bloodhound's instinct for clues, and he didn't rattle easily. Which was what had earned him this case to begin with. Right now, calling him 'rattled' would be stating it mildly.</p>

Pre-series Albert angst gets recc'ed forever. FOREVER. And this is very, very well-done.
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January 1st, 2013

01:31 pm - Happy New Year
Got sucked into the wanky vortex that is Tumblr for a while there, as well as hermitizing in email (which was more fun and much less wanky) but I miss talking with people and having this wordy space I can carve out for myself and like-minded conversationalists.

Pictures of cats in PJs, defending Elementary against people who can't walk and chew gum at the same time and posting the gif of RDJ and JL fake-kissing in AGoS for the six-thousandth time is fun, really, but it's definitely missing something.

Therefore to be the change I want to see, I'm making a resolution to post here a whole lot more often.

Items of note:

- I'm really into [community profile] fandom_stocking this year. The easiest, least-pressure challenge, with ficlets, gifs, icons, graphics and plain good wishes given to folks who aren't expecting anything at all. It's over on January 5th and here's the tag list for available fandoms. (The mod is also now looking for volunteers to put something in any empty stockings there might be.)

And because I'm not shy, this is my stocking. I like everything, so ...

- I'm obsessed with Elementary. Obsessed with Joanlock and while some folks don't want that (and that's okay!) I LOVE IT AND WANT IT AND ADORE IT. Sorry, but canon Holmes/Watson will never not make me happy. See above for 'I like everything ..."

I'm a bit shy about writing fic in this universe ... I've been shy about posting fic in general lately, that's just my insecure thing, but I want to read all the USTy RSTy casefile hot nookie angsty romance in the world as well as the fluff.

Come on, former MSR X-Files writers! This is catnip for you! Come and get it! ;)

- Wonder Woman and Superman are currently canon. This makes the world an ever awesomer place.

Things to look forward to in 2013

- Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (LOL DELICIOUS CHEESE), the next Star Trek, new Teen Wolf (not in the fandom, I just watch), new Swamp People, MORE Elementary, possible filming of the third RDJ/JL Holmes, Oz: The Great and Powerful and other stuff.

And more DW/LJ, hopefully.

Now, how are you guys? Anyone still here? :D

and yes, you get the fake H/W kissing gif under hereCollapse )
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October 9th, 2012

01:33 pm - FICLET: Game Day (Elementary)
Game Day (802 words) by faviconingridmatthews
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Elementary (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Joan Watson and Sherlock Holmes
Characters: Joan Watson, Sherlock Holmes

For my Cotton Candy Bingo Card found here: http://ingridmatthews.dreamwidth.org/120930.html. (The "Sore Throat" square.) Joan is sick, and Holmes swears he's just being selfish.

fic is beneath hereCollapse )

Told you I'd be schmooping up these two. Next is SMUTTING them. (I regret nothing.)
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October 6th, 2012

12:40 pm - Cotton Candy Bingo!
Got so involved with RL and other things, forgot completely my [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo card.
Day Wedding (or equivalent union) Watching someone Under the surface Naming
Poetry Proclamation Meet Cute Living alone Storytelling
Making new friends Admission / Confession WILD CARD Lending a coat in the cold Sore throat
Knitting / Sewing / Etc Cliché for a reason Hangover Accidentally bonded / married Sex
Snuggie (sleeved blanket) Beckon Night in Vulnerable Belly rub

I'm pretty sure most of these are going to be Elementary ficlets, lol. BECAUSE I NEED AN EXCUSE.(Not really.)

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October 2nd, 2012

09:08 am - FIC: A Certain Point (Elementary TV)
A Certain Point (1167 words) by faviconingridmatthews
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Elementary (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/Female Moriarty, Joan Watson and Sherlock Holmes
Characters: Joan Watson, Sherlock Holmes, Female!Moriarty - Character

A short, quick speculation on what might happen if the Woman In London is Moriarty. Based heavily on ACD's "The Final Problem".


She's supposedly a professor of quantum physics, author of notable papers published in the most prestigious journals and teaches in a small, private university somewhere in London. From her picture, all Joan can see is a beautiful woman with brilliant dark eyes, smooth brown skin and a slight smirk that doesn't look particularly evil ... just a bit of the same arrogance more than one intellectual might be guilty of, even Joan herself during certain points in her life.

Holmes insists that Jeanne Moriarty is much, much more.

read the fic belowCollapse )

Need more Elementary icons. Feedback is appreciated and check out Elementary on Thursdays!
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September 10th, 2012

02:56 pm - FIC: Communion (Elementary - Joan Watson & Sherlock Holmes, Gen)
Communion (1582 words) by faviconingridmatthews
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Elementary (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Joan Watson - Relationship, Sherlock Holmes - Relationship
Characters: Joan Watson (Elementary), Sherlock Holmes
Summary: Two meals shared by Holmes and Watson. Takes place immediately after The Pilot.</p>

the fic is also found under hereCollapse )

All comments are welcome. Any other Elementary peeps around? :D
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August 31st, 2012

09:56 am - Teen Wolf and Tea
From the Sick As a Dog Files, so nothing to do but mainline the Teen Wolf I dl'd months ago ...

(No spoilers)

It's a surprisingly good show. Good in the continuity department where even the best shows fail after about ten eps (WOW, WHEN DID THIS BECOME A THING), the world-building department (maybe some of the wolf behavioral stuff stretches, but hey, werewolves, not real wolves), the suspense and *gasp* TWIST department and is well-acted, particularly by the older actors (Michael Hogan, WHOA!) but the kids are no slouches either.

The girls in particular are so sympathetic and heartbreaking, the boys aren't too much of the irritating manpain trope (okay, maybe a little bit), and even the boys who are meant to be dicks aren't unwatchable. But the grownups ... SO FLAWED, even the good guys and the 'bad' guys -- who don't think they are bad, just practical -- WHOA.

I'm a little worried about Season Three, for Reasons, but considering I wasn't expecting to get past the fourth ep, I'll be watching.

For the record, I really didn't see overt Stiles/Derek, but I sure as hell saw the Lydia/Allison. Oh, and there are gay people in this! Ordinary, almost boring gay people, who aren't quippy queens or suicidal sisters! They are just ... characters. WOW, WHEN DID THIS BECOME A THING!

Now to get on some SH writing I've been dithering over, after a SECOND week of surprise!vacation and *cough* sickness.
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August 26th, 2012

01:54 pm - Knitting, Sort of ...
I've gotten really far with my ribbing work and then this happened ...

picture beneath the cutCollapse )

Guess I'll go crochet for a while.

PS: Anyone here do the Norwegian Purl? OMG, IT'S AWESOME. Life-changing.

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July 27th, 2012

11:18 am
Okay, when you go to a place called "Low Price Animal Clinic" or the like, you really shouldn't complain about what you get.


Damn it. First the receptionist has her bitch on (not directly at me, thank goodness because that's a place she didn't want to go) and then the doctor comes in and starts flinging things in the sink in anger and cursing under his breath. I can't believe I had to ask him, "Are you all right? Should I leave?" while my cat is cringing in the box and he refuses to answer me.

My poor cat was clinging to the carrier door with his claws. I don't blame him, I wanted to climb in there with him. I mean ...

HOLY SHIT, CAPTAIN UNPROFESSIONAL. And then, he looks at my cat, hardly listens to my description of his issues, grumbles over his blood work, barely looks at the actual animal and SHRUGS. "Seems okay to me."

WHAT THE FUCK? At least give me some professional information about WHY HIS BUTT BLEEDS and why I shouldn't be PANICKING. Trying to get a decent answer out of him was like trying to pull teeth -- which my cat needs and HELL NO, YOU AREN'T DOING IT. I wouldn't trust my cat being anesthetized by him if he were the last vet on earth. I'd bring it to my wacky neighbor and let her perform a voodoo spell to cure the cat first.

I hate the vet when they are nice and smiley and informative. NOW I HATE THE VET MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE.

Now I have to find a new place that's a million miles away. But that will be worth it. Damn, I'm so angry right now.
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08:29 am - *frowny face*
My recently adopted kitty has bloody stools so it's off to the vet we go. :(

I'm always nervous when I take my pets to the vet. They're upset and scared, I'm upset and scared and it's usually a disaster. (When I take the Sproglet to the doctor, I'm cool and in-charge and ready for anything. I have no idea why I'm so freaked out taking the kitty to the vet. Maybe because the cat cries the entire time?)


Anyway, my new cat is very cute. He's a senior and rescued from a cat hoarder and very strangely, had the same name as my late cat, which sealed the deal. He's not the same color, he's a gold tabby with a very fluffy tail (love his tail). And possibly the most affectionate cat you'll ever meet.

Plays with the Sproglet like a kitten, is the lap cat of my dreams, is very well-behaved. We love him so HE'D BETTER NOT BE REALLY SICK.


my spoiled new kitty in his cat bedCollapse )
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July 23rd, 2012

05:58 pm - FIC: Everything I've Wanted (Bunny Manders/AJ Raffles)
Annnd my fear to fic lasted exactly two days. AWESOME! A new record ...

TITLE: Everything I've Wanted
Fandom: Raffles bookverse by E.W. Hornung
Pairing: Bunny Manders/AJ Raffles
Rating: PG-13
Contains: Schmoop, Misunderstandings, Confessions
Summary: After "A Trap to Catch A Cracksman", Raffles isn't quite himself.

some time laterCollapse )

Who can I blackmail into writing in this universe? HUH? WHO? :D :D
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09:08 am - OH, RAFFLES.
I've just discovered the joys of "Raffles" by E.W. Hornung, ACD's brother-in-law's affectionate tweaking of the Holmes and Watson dynamic, making his genius AJ Raffles and baffled wingman, Bunny Manders, (BUNNY, OMG) criminals instead of crimefighters.

Not to mention that the '70's BBC series (streaming on Netflix here) is the Best Thing Ever, in that '70's British Show way.

There's a very long post about all this in me somewhere, but for now ...OMG. THE BEAUTY OF IT ALL. My Tumblr has more, a lot more, but this place will get some too.

I'm afraid to fic it. I don't think there's any way I can get the nuance and language close enough and I just want PORN. And there's hardly any fic too. :( Boo.
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July 17th, 2012

08:25 am - Porn Battle Amnesty!!!


Found here

"Happy mid-July, everybody! It's recently been announced that Porn Battle XIV will happen in January of 2013. That means we've got some time to play before the next official challenge, so, to make those months drop off the calendar a little more quickly, I'm quite happy to present what I'm calling the General Amnesty. (The idea actually comes to you courtesy of campylobacter, who suggested it to me.) You can think of this as sort of an "unfilled prompts" drive, but, instead of only covering the most recent Porn Battle (note this link to that amnesty post, still active), you get the entire field of prompts from previous Battles. So! If you had something you always wanted to fill, but never had time to fill before, well, here's your chance."

Features links to all the prompts of all the last Porn Battles.

*rubs paws* Yesssssssssssssss.
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July 16th, 2012

08:52 am - Knitting and Other Stuff....
I'm back to work and things have stabilized in Chez Ingrid, for now, at least, thank goodness. Even less time for the Interwebs, but I'm making a concerted effort to update more often.

Still in love with Ritchieverse Holmes, even if the fandom has ... calmed? Died? Moved to Alaska? This is the way of fandoms, has never bothered me since I do what I like anyway and I have no trouble going back and forth between old and new fandoms. Still, I'd like to see some more writing somewhere.

Like "The Legend of Korra" which had problems but nothing that I couldn't shrug off. Any continuation of this universe makes me happy and Lin Bei Fong, beeyothches. Lin Bei Fong.

I also forsee myself writing more Bolin/General Iroh. And then there's Elementary which I hope will be wonderful. *crosses fingers* There's always Nick tweendom fandom that I'm totally not in, except that I'd do anything to find the Nickelodeon kinkmeme if such a thing exists.

I have all of Teen Wolf so far downloaded but haven't had time to watch it. Maybe today I'll give it a shot.


Knitting! After perhaps two years of frustration and aborted attempts, I changed from English to Continental knitting with the help of YouTube videos and ... omg. What a difference. No more fumbling, dropping stitches every row, spending days getting ten rows done, crying every time I had to re-adjust the yarn in my right hand. No more clumsy, slow and annoyed.

I CAN MAKE THINGS NOW! Hats and dishcloths, neck shawls, booties, baby blankets ... the difference is amazing. They are right -- if you are a crocheter by past trade, use the Continental style and 'pick' the yarn. Your speed and accuracy will increase %1,000.

Now I know what they mean by that strange statement, "Knitting is fun." Made no sense before.


Might have to buy some more Livejournal time, only because icons. And post tracking. Other than that, I'm mostly in Tumblr right now with crochet porn, Elementary squee and reblogs of Ritchieverse caps.


Tumblr skews (very) young, stinks for fic and conversation, but it's brainless and quick, which suits me at the moment. I kinda of miss the heyday of LJ and similar blogs, I have to admit.
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June 25th, 2012

09:22 am - FIC: Liberated - (Bolin/General Iroh, post Endgame, Mature)
Liberated (2385 words) by faviconingridmatthews
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Avatar: Legend of Korra
Rating: Mature
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Bolin/General Iroh
Characters: Bolin, General Iroh

After the Endgame, Iroh finds comfort in an unusual place. (Spoilers for Endgame)

I could never resist the Avatar universe. Lin is perfect. And Bolin/Iroh is perfect too.

Now to go comment on fics on AO3. It takes a village to change a non-commenting culture. ;)
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April 14th, 2012

11:39 am - Fandom Appreciation Challenge 2012 - Day 3
Fandom Appreciation Challenge 2012 - Day 3

DAY 3: Send or leave feedback on three challenge fanworks.

Transubstantiation (982 words) by faviconathousandwinds
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Brideshead Revisited - Waugh
Rating: Explicit
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Charles Ryder/Sebastian Flyte
Summary: Take, eat: this is my body, which is broken for you.</p>

The Piano (1652 words) by faviconstainofmylove
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica (2003)
Rating: Explicit
Warning: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Dubcon
Relationships: Leoben Conoy/Kara Thrace
Characters: Kara Thrace, Leoben Conoy
Summary: Time to wake up, Kara Thrace.</p>

Addiction (801 words) by favicondashakay
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica (2003)
Rating: Mature
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: William Adama/Laura Roslin
Summary: He watches her with half-mast eyes, enjoying the view.</p>

Bonus challenge for 5 points: Rec a challenge or comm on your journal. The Fandom Appreciation Challenge doesn't count. Feel free to link to your rec in the comments.

I recommend The Semi-Annual Porn Battle Challenge.
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February 29th, 2012

02:11 pm - Hmmmmm ...
The Smallville Slash Archive is being transferred and displayed wholesale sans authors' individual permission over to the Archive of Our Own via OTW's "Open Door" policy, which is opt-out -- meaning you have to make an AO3 account, delete your stories -- or at least the stories you can prove are yours? -- and then delete your account if you wish -- that is, if you ever get the notice sent to what may be an out-of-date email account.

I'm not crazy about this, not only because I have sock stories there that I don't want to go anywhere else and I'm pretty sure the email accounts I'd have to use to verify those stories are long gone. Not only do I not want to "claim" them, I don't have the means to claim them -- unless they'll take some other email -- or just my word under a sock mail, but then again, what's to stop anyone from approving or deleting stories as they wish if that's the case?

Here's a comment that sort of sums up my feelings on the OTW discussion post regarding the wholesale importation *and* immediate public display by azarias:

"Then import them privately, and mark them on the AO3 end as not having permission, then delete all of those before making the collection public. Or export the database elsewhere, do your sorting there, and then import to AO3. Since you're moving the stories to a completely new codebase, there are a number of ways to resolve this, none of which require you to put the stories up publicly on AO3 and put the onus on the authors to know you've done it, and register an account with your site in order to be able to correct your mistake. Perhaps none of those ways are as convenient as just archiving them all at once and calling it a good job, but sometimes doing a job right takes a little extra effort.

The clock isn't ticking. Hard drive space is cheap: you can hold the "indeterminate" stories indefinitely until such time as the author contacts you with permission. I have a folder full of fanfics from dead sites. I suspect most of us do. I keep them because I don't want to lose the stories, but what I don't do is post them on another site to make sure they stay accessible online!

You're not talking about rescuing a baby here. You're talking about archiving fanfics. There's no justification for trampling over authors' rights and basic fannish courtesy from an overwhelming need to save these stories. Yes, it's sad when stories disappear from the Internet, but if the options are let them disappear, or take them without asking, the latter is not the right choice. The right choice is to find a middle path and take only the ones the authors agree to let you take."

I also wonder what the response would be if Fanfiction.Net started importing and displaying fics from sites that hosts no longer wished to maintain sans authorial permission. (And I have nothing against FF.N, I post there as well as AO3 -- I'm just thinking that particular species of benevolence wouldn't sit so well.)

I'm not against importing and saving the work (I do it myself with right click ---> save as for my favorite fics just in case) just the display of them sans express permission given. There's really no need for that.

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February 28th, 2012

04:01 pm - Last bit on Elementary ...
Here, this says it better than I can.

-- Tumblr fandom is all "booooo, we wanted homoerotic subtext!" Ugh! This is why we can't have nice things. We already have Granada and Ritchieverse and BBC and Billy Wilder and the old Russian version and the new Russian version and the one where they're mice!! Those still exist, Lucy Liu isn't going to retroactively be in all of them! (Although it would be cool if she was.) There's seriously room for a het AU! Also, maybe there will be another girl character and we can write femslash. Also, a week ago you were all saying you were never going to watch it anyway, so shut it!

-- I mean, as far as I'm concerned, either way it's a win: a completely platonic het buddy pairing cop show, which practically never happens, or canonical Holmes/Watson, which also practically never happens.

and ...

I said it in the tags of another post but I’ll go ahead and put it in the text of this one: Elementary/Sherlock fandom - or at least the segments of you that are concern trolling about this? There’s something really, really gross about claiming that an alleged desire for actual LGBT representation is underpinning the hand-wringing re: “Oh, no! A girl!Watson?” when what’s really going on is fretfulness that something might get in the way of a potential slashy subtext. Slashy subtext =/= actual queer representation. Queer representation would be actual queer text. If you (general, concern trolling Elementary/Sherlock fandom ‘you’) just want your slashy subtext to be unimpeded, say so. That’s a hell of a lot less disingenuous than pretending that your outrage that CBS didn’t cast White Male Actor #2 as Watson has anything to do with actual social justice.

"Touched on in several other points. Acting like this is an erasure of a gay couple to appease the ‘homophobic American audience’ (oh okay) is plainly false. First off, American tv is FILLED with bromances like Holmes and Watson, where there is a super close bond, tons of gay jokes, but in the end- the creators and the show are like ‘lol sorry just friends.’ To act like US tv would be adverse to something like that? It’s practically the norm these days. And that’s what Holmes and Watson in the BBC version are. This isn’t to discourage shippers, but over and over the show and creators have assured us that, despite what the fans see, it’s not romantic. Thus there is absolutely no homosexual erasure here (jokes about being gay when characters aren’t gay isn’t ‘lgbt representation’), and this is purely a case of people not remembering that fandom is not canon. (http://accioharo.tumblr.com/post/18450908228/10-things)

I'm done for today, before my head explodes.
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01:19 pm - HEAVENS, NO


(Except for the part where male Holmes and Watson are rly, rly, gay. Together! We can fudge that bit!)

This is what I get for reading the Lucy Liu tag on Tumblr. That was a mistake. I just end up making childish graphics.
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11:33 am - Never Change Fandom, Oh Wait You Didn't ...
Love how much easier it is for Sherlock fans to accept Watson as a RODENT than as a woman, ala Basil of Baker Street.

Your slash goggles — they’re cutting the blood off to your brain, okay? The White Cock version of Holmes and Watson is not an endangered species nor will it be anytime soon.

Lucy Liu will be a FANTASTIC Watson. (A better Holmes, actually, but we can't have everything.)

I plan on watching the shit out of this show, especially because I'm thinking that with Liu on board it will be free of the scummy racism rampant in BBC's "Sherlock" which, after the horror of "The Blind Banker" I'd rather claw my eyes out than ever watch again.

At least one can hope.
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February 21st, 2012

06:22 pm - I'd Say Get These Things Off My Face, BUT ...
Basically, my slash goggle have gone into overdrive.


That's Jeremy Lin, a former unknown who took over for Carmelo Anthony (who is holding his hand there) while injured. Carmelo's injury made Lin a superstar and I'm sure there's rivalry and insecurity which will be overcome by ...

RULE 34.

Right????? RIGHT???????????????????

Where be the basketball RPS/RPF anyway?
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February 18th, 2012

06:01 pm - *happy sigh*
Oh, RPS, why do you make me so happy?


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February 6th, 2012

09:50 am - Like A Winner
The video proof is here.

Why Madonna Still Has It:

-- Arriving like the late Liz Taylor in Cleopatra. \o/

-- Very tasteful, yet still amazing, costuming and dancing.

-- Extremely respectful of the venue. Her clever and sexy nods to collegiate football were not unnoticed by the actual sports fans in the audience. How unusual for a half-time Super Bowl performer to remember that they are the hired help, not the main act.

-- The 'pulling away of the field like a blanket' graphic was breathtaking. (I saw this on my friend's new 72 inch flatscreen HD TV so ...) The candles! The stars! The cheesy "WORLD PEACE"!

-- Her Phantomness of the Opera ending was exactly right.

-- Her guest stars were fabulous (CEE LO, MY TEDDY BEAR HUSBAND!) except for M.I.A. who is a dullard, a childish git with her 'edgy' middle finger to an audience of a few billion. (Dude, there are MUCH more interesting obscene gestures than that ... you weren't even trying!)

Bascially Madonna is the Empress. And the Giants won. This game completed me.
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08:00 am - Porn Battle Day Two!
Day Two of Porn Battle #13!!!

I posted this:

A Delicate Matter, Sherlock Holmes (Ritchieverse), Holmes/Simza, alive

I enjoyed these:

bedtime ritual; gone with the wind; melanie/scarlett o' hara, smoke

Beneath The Wolf Moon, Ladyhawke, Isabeau d'Anjou/Etienne Navarre, adore, at last, forever
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February 5th, 2012

02:22 pm - Porn Battle - Lucky Thirteen!
Porn Battle has started!!! This time on DW and LJ. I'm posting the shorter pieces on LJ, the longer ones on DW to take advantage of the longer comment limits.

I wrote and posted this today.Song Remains The Same, VicTORIous, Tori Vega/Trina Vega Fluffy smut, warning for sister/sister-incest.

I enjoyed this so far:

ART: "Hair", Sif/Loki

From the Vasty Deep, Pirates of the Caribbean (movies), Kraken/Ship, unbidden" (Author chooses not to warn for this story)

It's early times yet. Yummy! :D :D :D
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January 30th, 2012

10:46 am - FICLET: Benefits of Worry
Title: The Benefits of Worry
Author: ingridmatthews
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (2009) RPF
Relationship:Robert Downey Jr./Jude Law
Summary:Jude is tired. Robert is worried. There are benefits to all this.

fic below hereCollapse )
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January 26th, 2012

08:58 am - FIC: Home, Once Over (PG, aGoS spoilers)
Title: Home, Once Over
Author: ingridmatthews
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
Genre: Angst, Missing Scene
Summary: In the boxcar with a wounded Holmes, Watson yearns to go home.
Note: An auction-fic for the generous and gracious esteefee.

the fic is beneath hereCollapse )
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April 23rd, 2011

08:44 pm - Happy Easter!

"Christ's victory upon the Cross was not merely over death. It was over the owner of death, who was Satan.

The Devil was reduced to powerlessness, because of Christ's reclaimation of Death and His singular transformation of it, of endless darkness turned into Eternal Life.

And so the Son of God destroyed the one great work of the Devil, the inevitable promise of nothing turned into Heaven itself, an opening of Salvation for all."

A blessed Pascha for those who celebrate. A lovely and happy day for everyone else. :)
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April 11th, 2011

11:38 am - Writin'
Got my working draft of my final help_japan fic in the gears. Want this to be a good one, if at all possible, this bidder is pretty much a hero with all they bought, with company matching gifts to boot.

Did a super-quickie iCarly fic for iOMG during a breather from the various charity fics because WELL, OMG.

Second Chances, Sam/Freddie (one-sided), pre-iOMG. Short introspective piece starring poor Sam, my favorite, who is so delightfully complicated.

If Dan sweeps this under the rug later, he's going to PAY.

Back to the gristmill.
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April 9th, 2011

08:32 pm - No Real Spoilers But ...
I think most of you know I'm an iCarly fan.

iOMGCollapse )

A perfect end to a perfect day. Yes.
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April 7th, 2011

07:04 pm - Rock On, LJ
Wow, I have to turn off the pingbacks on this post. I have gotten it least 40 of them in the past few hours regarding those spreading the word/signal boosting the true status and reasons for LiveJournal's downtime.

Altho', I am glad to see the word is spreading.

This outage is no fault of LJs but yet another ruse by those in power who would silence their opposition. I personally don't want to have a hand in a silencing of that type at all, no matter how small or helpless or pointless I'll be led to feel about it by those with their own petty agendas.

In other news ... this post is being written on my new voice recognition software. I'm now testing to see how it works after a few glasses of wine. (*hic* NO, NOT NICK, *HIC*!)

This might end up extremely interesting. Even more interesting will be the fic that might arise from this experiment. Once I get over the embarrassment of talking to myself. Talking porn to myself ...
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April 6th, 2011

05:40 pm - The LJ Downtime Issue
Just in case anyone thinks LJ's downtime is just TPTB being incompetant, read this:

LiveJournal, Russia's blogging platform of choice, is sustaining biggest cyberattack attack in its history. Bloggers say the Kremlin wants to crack down on political discussion.

"LiveJournal, Russia’s most popular blogging platform, has been under a massive DDoS attack for the past few days. The attack has effectively wiped out Russia’s main refuge for unbridled political discussion, a hugely lively and extensive domain frequented by politicians, opposition activists and social commentators alike...

“The reason for attack is more than clear in this case — someone wants LiveJournal to disappear as a platform,” Ilya Dronov, development director at SUP, wrote in a post on his LiveJournal blog earlier this week. He said the hackers were hoping to push bloggers from LJ to social networks where “it's easier to fight individual users.”"


Wow. Just ... no. Fuck you, censorship douches in the Kremlin.

I'm sticking by the Russian political bloggers until the end, on Livejournal. And go LJ management for not giving in. As a nonnie said:


I can live with quite a bit of downtime when this is the context.

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10:50 am - A Kudo For U!
Very interesting post on Archive of Our Own regarding Comments and Kudos:


I for one love getting kudos, they are like little candy hearts in my mailbox in the morning, small and sweet. Of course, I also love getting comments, which I've noticed are getting a little more common on AO3 as time goes on and more people start getting comfortable with the archive.

Also, subscriptions! I'm at faviconingridmatthews on the AO3. Subscribe to me - fandoms in the immediate queue include Sherlock Holmes, BTR, King's Speech, etc.

I think you can also subscribe to tags? Fandoms? No? Anyway, poke around the archive and I think I might have a code or two somewhere around, if I can find them.
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March 26th, 2011

06:36 pm - Help Japan Auction Post - MY ENTRY (Final Notice)
Final notice for my Help Japan entry located here: H/W, Gaeta/Dee, King's Speech, Nick shows and Twin Peaks offered.

New offers are closed, bids are open for a few more days.

I also have one more mini-fic slot open at Watson's Woes for Japan aid here. I finished Dante's, am working on Jenlee's today so another won't be far behind.

Although stopping Twittering for a minute or two would probably help. (PS: My Twitter is here! http://twitter.com/IngridMatthews, please let me know where you are. :D
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March 25th, 2011

03:54 pm - FIC: One to Live With (Holmes/Watson, PG)
Title: One to Live With
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (Bookverse)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Holmes/Watson
Summary: Holmes pulls yet another faux death ala The Dying Detective. Watson decides to show him how it feels with a ruse of his own.

one more time, with feelingCollapse )

Comments are very welcome and appreciated. Thank you for reading.
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March 23rd, 2011

10:40 am - Fandom Appreciation Challenge!
What is it?
The Fandom Appreciation Challenge is about giving feedback, reccing and interacting with other fen. It's also about harnessing the power of the ticky-box for good.

The Fandom Appreciation Challenge runs for a week, and consists of seven individual daily challenges AKA Day Challenges. Each Day Challenge runs for 24 hours. Do not check the ticky-box until you've completed the Day Challenge. You don't have to complete every Day Challenge to play.

Anyone can play, any fandom. All aboard! \o/

Go check it out! It's easy to participate and good for all of fandom. I did my feedback today! :D :D :D

ETA: This is the tag link to follow the challenge daily.
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March 18th, 2011



Who is going to watch the shit out of this show? THIS GIRL IS. AND SHE WILL BE SO HAPPY PROBABLY, NO MATTER WHAT.

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10:03 am - *dies* and again ...
My tweet this morning:

Ingrid Matthews
No, AC Moore, I won't celebrate spring with a craft called "Duct Tape Daisies".
about 1 hour ago from Chromed Bird

I just received this response:

A.C. Moore
@IngridMatthews We're sorry you didn't like that craft. What kind of crafts would you like to see?
about 1 hour ago in reply to IngridMatthews from TweetDeck


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March 16th, 2011

10:38 am - Watson's Woes Help Japan Thread
And yet another offer for fics for Japan.

This one is good as the fics are 'bought' outright by purchasing a "Help Japan" V-gift from the LJ gifting page for $2.99 each.

I'm offering three H/W ficlets (Victorian only) in this thread here.

Send a Help Japan v-gift to my profile and the fic is yours, sans any bidding.
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March 15th, 2011

10:03 am - My Childhood! And Help Japan
I'm now following George Michael and Boy George on Twitter. This makes me ridiculously happy. (ETA: My Twitter is http://twitter.com/IngridMatthews, so please join me there, I want to chat with more fandom friends!)

Gah, busy day today. Not much time to write, but ... I'm going to try later.

Speaking of writing, I'm offering up a fic for Help Japan on LJ. (And from the news they really need every cent.)

My offer thread is here. H/W, Gaeta/Dee, King's Speech, Nick shows and Twin Peaks.

Be sure to troll the rest of the post for other writers -- there are tons of good ones that still aren't claimed.
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March 13th, 2011

06:39 pm - Help Japan Auction Post - MY ENTRY
Here is my Help Japan auction post. Below is what I'm offering at this entry right here


You can see things I've created at: http://archiveofourown.org/users/ingridmatthews


I am offering: A fic of at least a 1,000 words, for your specified prompt.

Fandoms (if appropriate): Sherlock Holmes (Victorian, Holmes/Watson only, NO BBC), iCarly (any), VicTorious (any), Big Time Rush (any) The King's Speech (Bertie/Elizabeth only), BSG 2003 (Gaeta/Dee only), Twin Peaks (Albert/Dale only).

Additional Info: I've been involved in numerous charity auctions and I've completed and delivered all my fic. Please note that I don't write infidelity, extreme angst/kink (scat/blood/snuff/beastiality) or death fic. My strengths are hurt/comfort, schmoop and fluff. I will always do my best to deliver a fic that fills the prompt and my obligation to the winner here will come first.

Starting Bid (in USD): $5.00


Again, please note again that I've done this a few times before and I've always delivered my fics because my OCD guilt thing will make you come first. *grin*

Please bid on me here if you wish.

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March 11th, 2011

03:35 pm - FIC: No Simple Fate (H/W, PG, Book Canon)
No Simple Fate by ingridmatthews
Rated: PG
Genre: H/C
Universe: Strand (Book) Canon
Summary: Promptfic: Holmes/Watson h/c, please. Watson is hurt and Holmes is taking care of him - possibly definitely with bonus cuddling. Post - "The Adventure of the Three Garridebs"

fic is underneath hereCollapse )

Comments are welcome, thanks for reading. :D
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March 9th, 2011

07:10 pm - Moar SH 1954 - Foundling Case!
I just can't ... THE CUTE IS SO, SO CUTE.

the case of the baker street nursemaids...Collapse )

This might be THE ALMOST BEST HOLMES ever. Except for the part where this Watson isn't as hot as Jude Law. (Yeah, my shallow is shallow.) But OMG the Holmes is hot.

I can't wait to see the rest. ::: prepares to mainline :::
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01:24 pm - Sherlock Holmes - 1954 TV Series
Watching Ronald Howard/HM Crawford "Sherlock Holmes" series (1954).

Howard's Holmes is lovely, crazy-handsome and elegant, while this Watson is half-Jam!Watson, half BAMF!Watson ala JL. OMG, so much awesome, including ...

Highlights includeCollapse )

And those are like two eps ...

They're adorable together. This Holmes just *loves* Watson -- in that mischievous way -- and this Watson is crazy exasperated but completely devoted to him. He's like the Missing Link between Bruce!Watson and Law!Watson.

Also, I realized that what Holmes 'invents' in "A Study in Scarlet" is Luminol. You go, fictional genius!
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